Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Robert Falls

Simultaneously performed with Garden
in the Owen Theatre

January 26 – March 4, 2001 in Goodman's Albert Theatre

2 hours


An unprecedented theatrical event—two linked plays performed simultaneously in adjoining theaters by the same cast! Alan Ayckbourn, one of England’s most celebrated contemporary playwrights, has crafted two critically acclaimed comedies that were the hit of the London season this summer. While the plots of House and Garden are interlocking, each play stands by itself as an evening of side-splitting comedy. You could see just one, but we think you’ll want to hear both sides of the story…

It’s the day of the annual village fair, and the Platt’s estate in the English countryside is buzzing with activity. Up at the house, Teddy Platt has dreams of a bright political future as the new local MP. The only thing barring his path is an urgent need to clean up his private life before the Prime Minister’s special envoy arrives. Meanwhile, down in the garden, frenzied preparations are under way for the day’s festivities. Will the French film star arrive in time to open the celebrations? Will the young maypole dancers pull it off? Who is that lurking in the bushes? And exactly what does go on in the fortune teller’s tent? Once the curtain rings down, the fun continues in the Main Lobby of the new Goodman Theatre as the audience joins the actors at the village party.



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