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action plan for inclusion, diversity, equity, anti-racism, access


Creating a culture of opportunity for all—on stage and off—at Goodman Theatre

As we approach our Centennial Anniversary (2025), Goodman Theatre is prioritizing how we use our art, assets and resources to contribute to a more just, equitable, anti-racist society. Reflecting on our decades-long commitment to three core values of Quality, Diversity and Community, this ever-evolving “action plan” for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism and Access (IDEAA) at Goodman Theatre paves the way for our renewed dedication to our vision and values.

At the same time, we reckon with that which divides us. Systemic racism, societal prejudices and the entrenched inequalities of our legal system impact and affect everyone who enters our theater. To fully live our values, we must assess our own role in the lack of progress towards equity and justice; identify, disrupt and dismantle systems that no longer (or never served) us; and construct new processes and policies that advance our mission.

Published in January 2021, the IDEAA Action Plan was the result of a six-month collaborative effort that involved individuals at every level of our organization—artists, staff, leadership and boards—and centered on four “cornerstone” areas of focus: Policy, Programming, Communication and Research and Assessment.

Today, the IDEAA Action Plan is under evaluation to better reflect our institutional progress—including the addition of a Chief Human Resources Officer who leads our IDEAA initiatives—and myriad changes over the past two years.

An updated plan will be published soon.