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We gratefully recognize the following people who have generously included Goodman Theatre in their wills or estate plans.

Anonymous (4)
Judy L. Allen
Kristin L. Anderson-Schewe and Robert W. Schewe
Susan and James Annable
Andrea Atlass
Susan T. Bart
Julie and Roger Baskes
Joan I. Berger
Drs. Ernest and Vanice Billups
Norma Borcherding
Deborah A. Bricker
Joe and Palma Calabrese
Robert and Joan Clifford
Lester N. Coney
Patricia Cox
Terry J. Crawford
Julie M. Danis
Shawn M. Donnelley
Paul H. Dykstra
Gloria Friedman
Jonathan and Kristine Garrett
Harold and Diane Gershowitz
Robert and Carrie Gibson
Ellen and Paul Gignilliat
Denise Stefan Ginascol
Michael Goldberger
June Golin
Albert I. Goodman
Mary L. Gray
Marcy and Harry Harczak
Barbara A. Harris
Sondra and Denis* Healy
Vicki and Bill Hood
Linda Hutson
Wayne and Margaret Janus
B. Joabson
Jared Kaplan and Maridee Quanbeck
Claudia Katz
Mel and Marsha Katz
Rachel E. Kraft
H. Michael and Sheila Kurzman
Anne E. Kutak
Fred and Corinne Lane
Richard and Christine Lieberman
Dr. Paul M. Lisnek
Ralph and Terrie Mannel
Dorlisa Martin and David Good
Meg and Peter Mason
Tom and Linda Maurer
Elizabeth I. McCann
Karen and Larry McCracken
Nancy Lauter McDougal
Kevin C. McGirr
John and Dawn Palmer
Elizabeth Anne Peters
Karen and Dick Pigott
Peter and Susan Piper
Susan Powers
Carol Prins
Elizabeth A. Raymond
Merle Reskin
Peter Rogowski and Ellen Melnick
Angelique A. Sallas, PhD
Natalie Saltiel
Roche Schulfer
Beth and Steven Schulwolf
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Shaw
Michael Silverstein
Jill and Steve Smart
Mary Solieman
Elaine Soter
Hal S. R. Stewart
Carole David Stone
Judith Sugarman
Marlene A. Van Skike
Gloria Walton
Lorrayne and Steven Weiss
Dia S. Weil
Randy and Lisa White
Maria E. Wynne
James G. Young

The Goodman holds dear the memory of the following individuals who have honored the work on our stages with a bequest. Their generosity will help to ensure that future generations will be able to share in their passion for live theater.

Anonymous (2)
Hope A. Abelson
Alba Biagini Trust
George W. Blossom III
Camilla F. Boitel Trust
Marcia S. Cohn
Estate of Marjorie Douglas
Bettie Dwinell
Stanley and Joan Freehling
Florence Gambino
Al Golin
Bernard Gordon Trust
Richard Gray
Marjorie Sawyer Goodman Graff
Evolyn A. Hardinge
Estate of Eugene P. Holland
Patricia D. Kaplan
Theodore Kassel
Estate of Anne M. Kelly
Charles A. Kolb
Jeffrey Korman
Susan E. Lee
Nancy S. Lipsky
Kris Martin
Alfred L. McDougal
Peggy Morrow
Leota Ann Meyer Murray
Eric Nordholm
James F. Oates
Helen J. Petersen
Neil Pomerenke
Carol Ann Poremba
Charlene Raimondi
Alice B. Rapoport
Murial Reder
Gladys L. Ripley
Verla J. Rowan
Rose L. Shure and Sidney N. Shure
Geraldine Simmons
George Northup Simpson, Jr.
Thomas R. and Charlene Lansberg Smith
Vlada Sunders
Lenore Swoiskin

Commitments as of 11/19/2020