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Education and Engagement for All. Goodman Theatre is committed to using the art of theater for a better Chicago.

Goodman Theatre is committed to using the tools of our profession to develop generations of citizens who understand the cultures and stories of diverse voices. In partnership with schools, our focus on professional development with teachers hones their abilities to activate student learning. With both adults and youth, our exploration of authentic voice leads to conversations about identity and commonalities in shared experience.

Using our art in service of a wider vision of social change is our guiding principle—and is an extension of Goodman Theatre’s vision and values as a cultural and community organization invested in quality, diversity and community.

Join us!
—Willa J. Taylor, Walter Director of Education and Engagement

Education & Engagement Department

Phone 312.443.3811 ext. 119


Click here to learn more about our accessibility programs. If you would like to discuss accessible seating or other services with a ticket representative, please call the Box Office at 312.443.3800 or email for further information on any of our accessible services.

Our Programs

Our programming strives to reflect the needs of the communities we serve by creating stronger readers, writers, critical thinkers and communicators.