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By Max Yu
Directed by Chay Yew

When 20-year-old Leo drops out of college and returns home to San Francisco’s Chinatown, he discovers a secret that’s been kept from him: his father passed away weeks ago. To try to cope, he delves into his family’s untold past in the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution, redefining everyone and everything he thought was in his bloodline. Winner of the 2019 Relentless Award, Max Yu’s thrilling Nightwatch reckons with unknown history and generations of hidden family stories.



Max Yu


Chay Yew


Aurora Adachi-Winter


Artist Placeholder Image

James Chen

爸 Ba

Francis Jue

爷爷 Yeye

Artist Placeholder Image

Emily Kuroda

奶奶 Nainai

Alec Silver


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Carolyn Hu Bradbury

Stage Directions