Artist Bio

The Emmanuel Márquez Company

(Bio as of August 2008)

The Emmanuel Márquez Company most recently collaborated with the Goodman on the 2008 Latino Theatre Festival. Founded in 1999 by Emmanuel Márquez, the Emmanuel Márquez Company is a group of artists who create works that combine music and toys. In 2000, with the support of a FONCA grant, Mr. Márquez directed Alicia en el país de las alcantarillas, a puppet show for adults based on Lewis Carroll’s work. In 2001, Mr. Márquez directed Teclas y trapos and Fausto un cuento del domino. In 2002, he directed La pequeña Mozart and A peso la vida. The Emmanuel Márquez Company has also created guided visits, which have appeared in numerous museums throughout Mexico. The company’s play Hear the Heart was entrusted by the Music and Scene International Festival and was produced by the Orientación Theatre in 2007.