Artist Bio

Niko Kourtis

(Bio as of May 2022)

Niko Kourtis (Butler) returns to the Goodman, where previous credits include School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play and the New Stages Festival production of Engines and Instruments of Flight. Chicago credits include White (Definition/Steppenwolf LookOut); Love In The Time of Jonestown (New Coordinates); Elizabeth Rex (Oak Park Festival Theatre); Homos, or Everyone In America (Pride Films and Plays); Three Days of Rain (BoHo Theatre); The Assembled Parties (Raven Theatre); Bent (The Other Theatre Company); The Normal Heart (TimeLine Theatre) and Animals Commit Suicide (First Floor Theater).  Regional/New York credits include Angels In America Parts I&II (Kansas City Repertory) and The Austerity of Hope (Barrow Group).