Artist Bio

Niarra C. Bell

Niarra C. Bell (she/her, Virginia) is a recently graduated 17-year-old from Virginia with an intense passion for the performing arts. Niarra has experience in acting, directing, and backstage technical work. Niarra hopes that her play will help bring a different perspective on gun violence to her community as she has seen the problem grow worse in recent years. Niarra believes that, even if her play reaches only one person, she has helped the movement against gun violence. Niarra would like to thank God first for giving her the idea for the play and the inspiration to write. Next, Niarra would like to thank her parents, family, and friends for all of their support. Special thanks go to her mom who was always willing to stay up with Niarra while she wrote The Smile Behind. Finally, Niarra would like to thank her teacher and mentor Mrs. Tracy Bourne as she is the one who encouraged Niarra to write and submit The Smiles Behind to the ENOUGH! contest. Niarra is extremely grateful for this opportunity and the experience. The Smiles Behind is Niarra’s playwriting debut.