Artist Bio

Meghan Maiya

(Bio as of January 2020)

Meghan Maiya (Historical and Biographical Research) is the Director of Research and Special Projects for Hershey Felder Presents (HFP). She has been doing biographical and historical research for HFP’s new theatrical productions since 2013, including Hershey Felder as Franz Liszt in Musik; Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin; Our Great Tchaikovsky; Hershey Felder, Beethoven; and Hershey Felder in A Paris Love Story, featuring the music of Claude Debussy. Additional projects include Production Research & Imagery for Louis and Keely ‘Live’ at the Sahara.  Formerly, Meghan worked in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego as a Senior Program Evaluation Specialist and Project Manager. She coordinated multiple research projects in the fields of Integrative Medicine and Behavioral Health. Additionally, Meghan spent thirteen years as a psychology professor at San Diego State University and local community colleges and institutes.