Artist Bio

Donavan Mitchem

(Bio as of November 2001)

Donavan Mitchem most recently appeared at the Goodman in A Christmas Carol during the 2001/2002 Season. A student at the Keller Gifted School and Northwestern University, Donavan has performed with the Happiness Club and the Chicago Children’s Choir. He has appeared in local, national, and internet commercials and on television in the program Doing It Right, also with the Happiness Club. His many honors include the Walt Disney World/McDonald Millennium Dreamers Award, the NFTE (National Foun­dation for Teaching Entrepreneurship) Business Award, a Peace and Lead­ership Award from the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Push Coalition, the Presidential Pin from President William J. Clinton, and serving as a polit­ical correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show.