Courtesy Wheelchair: Goodman Theatre has a wheelchair on site that may be used to transport patrons to and from assigned seats*. For use of the on-site wheelchair, contact house management at 312.443.3818.

Parking: designated accessible parking is conveniently available nearby Goodman Theatre at Government Center Self Park (181 N. Clark St., 312.935.2730) and Theatre District Self Park (181 N. Dearborn, 312.935.2730). 

Accessible Entrance: the left-hand set of the theater’s main entry doors on Dearborn Street are electronic and can be opened automatically. The elevator directly at the Goodman's main entrance also provides access to the upper lobby, restrooms, Owen Theatre mezzanine and all levels of the Albert Theatre mezzanine.

Accessible Seating: Goodman Theatre has accessible wheelchair/scooter locations in both the Albert and Owen** theaters.

Depending on your preferences, you can use the promo codes below to get reserved accessible seat locations when purchasing tickets online:

  • TRANSFER: Enter this promo if you wish to transfer to a theater seat from your walker, wheelchair or scooter.
  • REMOVAL: Enter this promo if you require a location where a seat can be removed for you to stay in your wheelchair/scooter while you watch the performance.


Please call Ticket Services at 312.443.3800 if you have questions or would like to purchase over the phone. All of our ticket representatives can assist you in finding a seat location to fit your needs.

*Goodman staff are not able to assist patrons in transferring to or from a wheelchair, theater seat or vehicle; operate motorized mobility aids such as scooters and Segways; or to provide personal attendant services such as assisting patrons in the restroom, with taking medications, or with similar activities. Ushers are not permitted to accompany patrons to the parking garage.

**Although the Owen Theatre is a general admission house, accessible seats will be reserved for you on the seating level you purchase.