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Jonathan L. Green

Jonathan L. Green

(Bio as of September 2020)

Jonathan L. Green is the Literary and New Works Manager for Goodman Theatre, where his most recent dramaturgy credits include the world premieres of How to Catch Creation, Blind Date, Objects in the Mirror, and War Paint, among many others. As an administrator and director, he has worked with Lookingglass Theatre Company, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Sideshow Theatre, Diversionary Theatre, Chicago Dramatists, and more. Green is an Artistic Associate of Sideshow Theatre Company, where he was the Founding Artistic Director, and where his recent directing credits include X, HeLa, truth and reconciliation, The Happiest Place on Earth and Stupid F**king Bird.

With Goodman Theatre

  • Feathers and Teeth Feathers and Teeth
    All New Fall (New Stages 2014)
    Play by Charise Castro Smith
    Directed by Henry Godinez
  • Rapture, Blister Rapture, Blister
    1415 Season
    Play by Gina Gionfriddo
    Directed by Kimberly Senior
  • Rapture, Blister Rapture, Blister
    1415 Season
    Play by Gina Gionfriddo
    Directed by Kimberly Senior
  • Disgraced Disgraced
    1516 Season
    Play by Ayad Akhtar
    Directed by Kimberly Senior
  • Sidney Brustein's Sidney Brustein's
    1516 Season
    Play by Lorraine Hansberry
    Directed by Anne Kauffman
  • War Paint War Paint
    1516 Season
    Play by Doug Wright, Music by Scott Frankel and Lyrics by Michael Korie
    Directed by Michael Greif
  • Blue Skies Process Blue Skies Process
    New Stages 2016
    Play by Abe Koogler
    Directed by Henry Wishcamper
  • Gloria Gloria
    1617 Season
    Play by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
    Directed by Evan Cabnet
  • Objects in the Mirror Objects in the Mirror
    1617 Season
    Play by Charles Smith
    Directed by Chuck Smith
  • Blind Date Blind Date
    1718 Season
    Play by Rogelio Martinez
    Directed by Robert Falls
  • How to Catch Creation How to Catch Creation
    1819 Season
    Play by Christina Anderson
    Directed by Niegel Smith
  • Mother Road Mother Road
    New Stages 2015
    Play by Octavio Solis
    Directed by Juliette Carrillo
  • There's Always the Hudson There's Always the Hudson
    New Stages 2018
    Play by Paola Lázaro-Muñoz
    Directed by Jess McLeod
  • Continuity Continuity
    New Stages 2017
    Play by Bess Wohl
    Directed by Annie Tippe
  • Incendiary Incendiary
    New Stages 2019
    Play by Dave Harris
    Directed by Monty Cole
  • Roe Roe
    1920 Season
    Play by Lisa Loomer
    Directed by Vanessa Stalling