A Christmas Carol Young Performer Auditions

STARTS 9/17/2022 Goodman Theatre Lobby
Registration begins at 8:30am | Seeking aspiring Chicagoland actors ages 5-17

Young Performer Open Call For
Goodman Theatre's 45th annual production of A Christmas Carol

Saturday, September 17, 2022 starting at 8:30am

Goodman Theatre welcomes actors of all races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, mental and physical abilities, sexual/affectional orientations, genders and gender expressions.

Young performers (ages 5-17 only, no exceptions!) wishing to audition for this production should prepare the following materials:

  • A poem or monologue (one minute or less), which should be memorized
  • One verse of a song (preferably a traditional holiday song or Christmas carol) to be sung a cappella (no piano or accompaniment will be provided)
  • A photo and resume or a list of previous theatrical experience and training (theatre experience is not required to audition)
  • Bring their vaccination card (or a photo of it)
  • Bring a photo of their negative Covid test result

Young performers should come to the Goodman Theatre at 8:30 am to register for an audition time on a first come, first served basis; Registration will end at 10:30 am sharp. Auditions will begin at 9:00am and are estimated to end at 1:00 pm. NO AUDITION APPOINTMENTS WILL BE SCHEDULED AHEAD OF TIME – this is an open call with same day registration only.

Young performers must be fully vaccinated and boosted, with an FDA-approved vaccine in order to attend this open call, and in order to be cast in the production.

Fully vaccinated and boosted for young performers means one of the following options:

  • 2 shots of Pfizer, plus 1 booster shot
  • 1 shot of Johnson & Johnson, plus 1 booster shot
  • 2 shots of Moderna
    • Please note: if the young performer is vaccinated with Moderna, and the CDC guidelines surrounding Moderna boosters for children change at any point between now and the production, we will require Moderna vaccinated children to be boosted once it is officially recommended

In addition to being fully vaccinated, young performers will need to take a Covid test in advance of the open call. There are two options for testing:

  1. A PCR test taken 24-72 hours in advance of the open call. (Please keep in mind that it often takes 24 hours or more to receive results for a PCR test)
  2. An antigen test taken within 24 hours of the open call. Antigen tests can be clinically administered or at-home tests.

Young performers must be masked upon entry to the building. At the registration desk, they will show their vaccination card and negative Covid test result, and then receive an audition slot. Young performers will remain masked as they enter the audition room. Once in the audition room, they will be able to unmask. After they are finished auditioning, they will mask up before exiting the audition room.

In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, only ONE parent/guardian may attend the open call with their child/children this year. Parents/guardians must be masked the entire time they are in the building.

Should your child have specific needs, or if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the casting office at Casting@goodmantheatre.org. Please note, our audition space is accessible.

Production dates for A Christmas Carol 2022 are:

First Rehearsal:


First Tech:


First Preview:


Opening Night:


Closing Night:



This year, we are seeking the following young performer roles:

Peter Cratchit/Boy Scrooge
Belinda Cratchit
Turkey Child
Emily Cratchit
Tiny Tim


A message for Parents or Guardians

We are excited that your child is interested in auditioning for our annual production of A Christmas Carol. Before attending the young performer open call, please read the following so that you have an idea of the commitment we would be asking of your child should they be cast:

  1. Rehearsals for the production begin Tuesday, October 25, 2022. We will be asking all cast members, including children, to be available for rehearsal from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM on that specific date. Thereafter, until the beginning of tech rehearsals, all children may be called to rehearse from approximately 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM Tuesday through Friday, and all day (likely 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM) Saturday and Sunday. A letter will be sent out by the Stage Manager in mid-October explaining rehearsal and performance ‘do’s and don’ts.’
  2. Tech rehearsals will begin on Tuesday, November 15. Through Friday of that week, all children and adult actors will be called at approximately 12:00 noon for rehearsals which may go as late as 11:30 pm. It will be necessary for the children in the cast to miss school these days (as well as the first day of rehearsal, and select matinee performances). Preview performances for the production begin on Saturday, November 19, and will continue until the opening night performance on Monday, November 28. During previews, it may be necessary to rehearse during the day. Most days, however, we hope that the children will not be needed at rehearsal until after school. Once the show is open, there will be rehearsals for understudies throughout the run of the show. Understudy rehearsals dates are determined by Stage Management. If cast, your child will be needed for some, or all, of those rehearsals and they will be held after school hours. After the Monday, November 28 opening, children will be required to be at the Goodman 30 minutes prior to the listed show time. The show closes on Saturday, December 31.
  3. Parents/guardians must pick up their child no more than 30 minutes after every performance. This includes dates with a matinee and evening performance, with the exception of Sundays. Sundays, your child will stay in the building between the two shows due to the quick turn-around.
  4. At least one parent/guardian should be fully vaccinated, plus one booster, if their child is cast in the show. This is for the safety of the entire cast bubble, as this parent/guardian will be picking their child up from the theatre and may interact with the company during pick-up or other cast events. Please note this is only a requirement if your child is cast; we are not requiring that parents/guardians be vaccinated in order to attend the open call.
  5. After today's audition, we may need to see some children for a callback audition. These auditions will be scheduled on either September 21 or September 23 anytime between 2:00pm and 7:00pm. If it is necessary to see your child at these auditions, a member of the Goodman staff will contact you via email. Please do not contact Goodman Theatre with inquiries about the callback. You will be informed of the final status of your child’s audition within three weeks after today’s date via email. 

If you have any additional questions concerning this year's production of A Christmas Carol, please ask a member of the Goodman Casting Department, or email Casting@GoodmanTheatre.org. Once again, we thank you for your interest, and hope that you find this audition experience a rewarding and pleasurable one.

Health & Safety

The comfort and well-being of our guests, artists, and theater workers remains a priority at Goodman Theatre. To ensure this, we will continue to observe the latest CDC recommendations in accordance with prevailing public health guidance. Learn more at GoodmanTheatre.org/Protocols