Play 'N 90

October 8- December 17, 2016

Play 'N 90

Tickets are FREE for children; $5 for adults

Goodman Theatre | Alice Rapoport Center for Education and Engagement

Play ‘N 90 provides families with children ages 5 to 12 the opportunity to create a play together in just 90 minutes. Participants work with four professional theater artists to brainstorm a setting, characters and storyline. Together, the adults and children then develop their characters and plot through exercises led by the theater artists. Participants also create the set and costumes, and then perform their very own production in front of an audience! This one-of-a-kind program allows parents and grandparents to watch their children unleash their imagination and engage with them in a unique and playful manner. The program also provides children with the opportunity to let loose and have fun with the adults in their lives, even when things get a little silly!

Saturdays, 9-10:30am

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