August 25 at 7pm in the Alice Center

Sisters Kiki and Alma know that living in a burning country owned by a technocrat trillionaire warlord is kind of a drag, but at least the internet service is reliable. And, honestly, it’s not that bad. Just a few tips: avoid the Red Zone if you can; always keep a gas mask handy; and have an active Playground© subscription for those days when you wanna leave this reality and escape into VR (which will be often). Also, steer clear of ANYONE even remotely adjacent to the Resistance. NJ Draine’s new play is a frightening, absurd romp in a world so strange it starts to feel familiar.


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  • The Housing Situation on Neptune contains mature language and descriptions of violence and sexuality.

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About Future Labs

Future Labs—Goodman Theatre’s newest artistic program to develop works authored and directed by Black, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI and other artists of color. Designed primarily for Chicago-based writers who have not had a play produced at the Goodman, Future Labs will feature workshops and presentations presented live, in-person.



  • NJ Draine

    NJ Draine Playwright

  • Terry Guest

    Terry Guest Director

  • McKenzie Chinn

    McKenzie Chinn Alma

  • Khloe Janel

    Khloe Janel Kiki/Chorus

  • Cassidy Slaughter-Mason

    Cassidy Slaughter-Mason Rainbow/Chorus

  • LaKecia Harris

    LaKecia Harris Trinity/Chorus

  • Felipe Carrasco

    Felipe Carrasco Garrett Hobbs/Chorus

  • Matthew C. Yee

    Matthew C. Yee *69_/Isaac/Chorus

  • Kelsey Elyse Rodriguez

    Kelsey Elyse Rodriguez Nadia/Chorus

  • Arti Ishak

    Arti Ishak Stage Directions

  • Caroline Michele Uy

    Caroline Michele Uy Production Assistant


Future Labs is just one of Goodman Theatre's many new work development programs, which amplify bold new artistic voices. We gratefully ask for your support in these efforts through a contribution. YOU can help us to shape the future of American theater!


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