Artist Bio

Robert Kessler

(Bio as of September 2005)

Robert Kessler most recently collaborated with the Goodman on Beyond Glory during the 2005/2006 Season. Mr. Kessler is a composer, sound designer and producer/director of voice recordings through his company, Kessler Media Productions. With his music partner Ethan Neuburg, he composed original music for Freedom: A History of US, a 16-part PBS series; America’s Heritage (for PBS); Voyager: The Grand Tour (for NASA); and Little Miss Spider: Lost and Found. He served as sound designer for the Academy Award-winning animated film Bunny, directed by Chris Wedge; as sound editor and mix consultant on both The American President (for PBS) and Radio City: The Story Behind the Showplace (for AMC). Mr. Kessler has earned a reputation for creating exceptional recordings of voice performances for film, documentaries and for audio books produced for all of the major publishers. He composed the theme music for President Clinton’s Grammy Award-winning spoken word recording My Life; and produced and directed the audio books of Christopher Reeve’s Still Me and Toni Morrison’s Beloved.

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