Artist Bio

Michael Fosberg

(Bio as of September 2005)

Michael Fosberg most recently collaborated with the Goodman on Beyond Glory during the 2005/2006 Season. Mr. Fosberg’s other Goodman credits include producing and performing in Job Opportunity, a play set in the front seat of a moving 1985 Oldsmobile Delta 88, understudying for Mr. Lang for the world premiere of Arthur Miller’s Finishing the Picture,  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Six Characters in Search of an Author. For the past four years, he has performed and toured his autobiographical one-man show, Incognito, at the Bailiwick Arts Center and Apple Tree Theatre in the Chicago area, the Missouri Repertory Theatre in Kansas City and for various schools across the country. During the 1980s, he helped form the Huron Ensemble in Old Town and performed in shows at Steppenwolf, Remains Theatre and Wisdom Bridge. For the past two summers, he has taught acting, and directed Balm in Gilead and Thieves’ Carnival for the National High School Institute’s “Cherub” Program at Northwestern University. Over the past year, he has directed two solo shows; Judith Harding’s Please Stay Tuned at Hamlin Park and David Chapman’s Planet of the Bisexuals at Bailiwick. He also directed An Evening of Free Advice for Nextbook, and appeared in the world premiere of Fire by Alice Austen at Prop Thtr.

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