Meet Carolina (“Caro”) Lopez Corominas

A special season calls for a special look. In honor of Robert Falls’ final season to curate as Artistic Director—the 2022/2023 “Daring, Dynamic, Iconic” Season—the Goodman tapped Carolina (“Caro”) Lopez Corominas to visually express the plays through illustration.

Caro, the Chicago-based Caribbean illustrator behind Goodman Theatre’s 22-23 season artwork, uses bold colors and sweeping lines to summon movement and rhythm–and bring to life Goodman’s roster of dynamic, daring and iconic plays. As the Dominican Republic native draws inspiration from her cultural roots, she plays with proportion and scale to distill complex narratives into compelling visual stories.

“When I watch a play at Goodman Theatre I am inspired by seeing how the audience responds to the play, how the music takes us through a whole journey and how the light does something magical to the actors on stage,” said Caro. “This whole interaction creates what I call the ‘Goodman feeling,’ and the new season’s artwork is inspired by this intensely immersive feeling you get only when watching a Goodman play.”

Caro’s Work