Artist Bio

Paloma Morales

PALOMA MORALES (Ensemble) joined APTP when she was 13 years old, five years and five plays ago. Feast will be her final production before she begins her first year at Coe College in the fall. Ms. Morales writes: “Walking into APTP’s theater, I felt the energy bouncing off the walls. By the time my first workshop ended, I fell in love and I was hooked. I am now 18 years old, and my love for APTP continues to grow. APTP has opened my eyes to many new things and has helped me realize how much strength and courage one person can have. APTP introduced me to so many great people, people I now can’t imagine living without. My years at APTP brought what I thought was just my childish imagination to life and inspired me to pursue the dream of becoming the first in my family to go to college. APTP is a place I am proud and grateful to call my second home.”