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ENOUGH! Plays to End Gun Violence

November 6, 2023 at 7:30PM
Alice Center – BAKES ROTUNDA
Featuring artwork in collaboration with Arts4Impact and
Faces Not Forgotten
Special thanks to People for a Safer Society

The Goodman Theatre will participate in ENOUGH!: Plays to End Gun Violence: a ground-breaking series of readings staged simultaneously in multiple cities nationwide. Ticket reservations include all six 10-minute staged readings, performed in a single evening. This year’s plays were selected by nationally recognized dramatists Idris Goodwin, Lauren Gunderson, Zora Howard, Samuel D. Hunter, David Henry Hwang, Octavio Solis, and Lloyd Suh.

The six 10-minute plays authored by teenage playwrights, include Niarra C. Bell’s The Smiles Behind, Amanda Fagan’s Lightning Strike, Pepper Fox’s A Call for Help, Sam Lee Victor’s A Disorderly House, Justin Cameron Washington’s No Prospering Weapons, and Valentine Wulf’s The Matter at Hand. This is Goodman’s third time participating in ENOUGH!, the first being a virtual offering in 2020, featuring Ghost Gun, written by Olivia Ridley and directed by Ken-Matt Martin. The second offering was presented on April 20, 2022 and featured eight plays by teenage playwrights and was directed by Quenna L. Barrett and Georgette Verdin.



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The Smiles Behind

By Niarra C. Bell

What if a single conversation could stop tragedy in its tracks? A young girl risks everything to put that to the test as she confronts the police officer attempting to chase down her beloved brother.

Lightning Strike

By Amanda Fagan

You’re more likely to be struck by lightning than experience a school shooting. Hallie has never been struck by lightning, but she has survived a school shooting, and somehow she must keep on surviving.

A Call for Help

By Pepper Fox

For three 911 operators, an ordinary night at work explodes into matters of life and death as they try to guide their callers to safety against increasingly desperate odds.

A Disorderly House

By Sam Lee Victor

As two parents pack up their child’s dorm room, they come face to face with everything they thought they knew, and everything it is too late to know, about their child, themselves, and each other.

No Prospering Weapons

By Justin Cameron Washington

Hip-Hop and theater collide in this poetic ballad of a play, where the lines between victim and suspect, righteous and wicked, and good and evil are blurred in the aftermath of a violent crime.

The Matter at Hand

By Valentine Wulf

A school’s administrative staff contemplate ways to prevent future shootings, including extending school kindness week into school kindness month and giving the principal free reign over an Uzi.


Neena Arndt


Jamal Howard


Danielle Roos



Ann Delaney 

RONNIE MOORE in A Call for Help 

STAGE DIRECTIONS in A Disorderly House 

CLAUDETTE LATETE in The Matter at Hand 

HALLIE in Lightning Strike

Andres Enriquez

STAGE DIRECTIONS in A Call for Help 

JEFFERSON in The Smiles Behind 

JACK in A Disorderly House

CESAR MENDOZA in The Matter at Hand 

La’Mar Hawkins 

BRIAN JOHNSON in A Call for Help 

STAGE DIRECTIONS in The Smiles Behind 

DOWN-AND-FALLING in No Prospering

Aila Ayilam Peck 


DIANE in A Disorderly House

STAGE DIRECTIONS in The Matter at Hand

Adhana Reid

SIERRA DRAFFEN in A Call for Help 

LAY in The Smiles Behind


Donovan Session 

CAMERON GAINS in A Call for Help 

KAY in The Smiles Behind

UP-AND-COMING in No Prospering Weapons 

Matt Young

BILL MAST in A Call for Help

JANKO KOSTIC in The Matter at Hand 

STAGE DIRECTIONS in Lightning Strike