Artist Bio

Mark Jourdan

(Bio as of June 2022)

Mark Jourdan (Oneida/Ho-Chunk) is a singer/songwriter based out of Chicago, Illinois. He is a Native American of the Ho-Chunk and Oneida nations. Growing up in Chicago, he spent his summers and weekends traveling the Midwest and Canada and going to Pow Wows with his family. Music has always played a big part of his life and driving across the country with his family made the radio and cassette players as much a part of the family as his siblings. His father took him to see B.B. King when he was 16, where he had his first experience of what it meant to “own a room.”  He then took a break from guitar and music to try graphic art with the hopes of becoming an art teacher. Ultimately, he made his way home to music and he couldn’t be happier to have found a place where he can express feeling in a way that his graphic arts were, without him realizing it, leading him to. Today, he chases dreams. He’s catching a few too. “To infinity and beyond…” facebook ;