Artist Bio

Mallory Raven-Ellen Backstrom

Mallory Raven-Ellen Backstrom is the author of Fairy Tales for Sunkissed Women, an anthology of short stories and immersive audiobooks. She is an artist, novelist, playwright and teacher. She was a member of the Playwrights Unit at Goodman Theatre from 2021-2022 and the inaugural Sullivan Playwright-in-Residence at the University of Illinois. Mallory received the City of Chicago’s Esteemed Artist Award and the Chicago Dramatists Tutterow Fellowship. She was a finalist and semifinalist for the National Playwrights Conference. Goodman Theatre, Sideshow Theatre, The New Coordinates, The Story Theatre, The Refracted Theatre Company, and The Athena Project have nurtured her plays. She was an artistic associate of Sideshow Theatre. Mallory was hailed as a “craftsman of the English language” by Windy City Reviews for her debut novel Reasons for Being. She has guest lectured at the University of California-Davis, University of Illinois and Illinois Humanities. Her artwork has been exhibited at The Freedom and Movement Gallery and The Breathing Room. Mallory’s developing Fairy Tales for Starkissed Children bedtime stories for little people with big feelings. For more information about this multifaceted artist, visit her at or @FairyTalesForSunKissedWomen