Artist Bio

Hamid Dehghani

(Bio as of July 2024)

Hamid Dehghani is a director, playwright, and actor from Buraki, Iran. He has received several awards in Iran for his work and has directed notable productions such as From the Environs of Milad, Sohrab’s Transgression, Nathan and Tabileth, and Leila. After earning his BA in Theatre Directing from Tehran University of Art, Hamid contributed to Tehran’s theater scene for over a decade before relocating to the US in 2018 for further education. In the US, Hamid has directed English at Goodman Theatre and Guthrie Theatre, Selling Kabul at Northlight Theatre, Baba at Amphibian Stage, A Moment of Silence, Eurydice, and Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo. He has also worked as an assistant director at the Metropolitan Opera, Court Theatre, and Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. During the 2020 pandemic, he co-founded Grass Studio Theatre, leading outdoor performances of three collectively devised pieces – Picnic, Story in a Box, and Reportage of a Room – at various outdoor locations in Chicago. After moving to the US, Hamid started acting in English, with his recent performance in Andy Warhol in Iran at Northlight Theatre marking his first show in the US. His acting credits in Iran include Barren, Afsooskhar, The Archbishop’s Ceiling, Equus (best acting award at IIFUT), Charlie, Rhinocéros, and The Legend of Nimrooz. His short film credits include Jade Farei (winner of best short film at Tehran International Short Film Festival), Yek Bar Se, Occasion, Unbreakable Mirrors, Night Story Of The Boulevard, Who is Going All This Way, Monologue C473, and To Die in Place of Another One. Hamid holds an MFA in Directing from Northwestern University.