Goodman Equity Leadership Group

Acknowledging that each individual at Goodman Theatre plays a role and shares the responsibility of,  and commitment to,  IDEAA, we enter this work as a collective, organized and executed by the newly formed “Goodman Equity Leadership Group.”  The Leadership Group is inclusive of individuals across departments and at every level within the organization—Board IDEAA Committee; Senior Leadership Team; Staff Committee; and Individual Staff Members.

Board IDEAA Committee

Co-chaired by Past Chair and Life Trustee Les Coney, Trustee Rebecca Ford and Trustee Jill B. Smart, this group includes representation across three entities—the Goodman Board of Trustees (including Chair Jeff Hesse, President Maria Wynne and Trustee Julie Danis; the Women’s Board (including President Fran Del Boca and Member Jackie Robinson); Scenemakers Council (including President Megan McCarthy Hayes and Member Veronica Appleton) and staff (including John Collins, Managing Director and Marissa Ford, Associate Managing Director).

Meet our Board of Trustees, Women's Board and Scenemakers Board.

Senior Leadership Team

Representatives of this group include heads of departments and/or leaders of integral areas of the theater who counsel the Staff Committee and help prioritize resources to advance IDEAA initiatives.

This body includes Robert Falls (Artistic Director); Roche Schulfer  (Executive Director);  Adam Belcuore  (Managing Producer);  John Collins (Managing Director);  Scott Conn (Production Manager);  Jay Corsi (Director of Marketing);  Marissa Ford (Associate Managing Director);  Dorlisa Martin (Director of Development);  Denise Schneider (Director of Communications);  Willa J. Taylor (Walter Director of Education and Engagement);  and Lewis Warrick (Director of Finance and Administration).

Staff Committee

An advisory group for the Senior Leadership Team, the Staff Committee includes representatives of each department within the theater who help prioritize needs of the Goodman Staff, and the organization as a whole, as they work to advance IDEAA initiatives.

This body includes: Jodi Brown and Ashley Klingler (Administration); Julie Massey, Ken-Matt Martin and Lauren Port (Artistic); Rachael Swann (Box Office); Delaney Sterling and Mishari Zambrano (Development); Adrian Azevedo and Sam Mauceri (Education and Engagement); Patrick Feder and Miguel Melecio (Facilities); Demi Smith (Front of House/Events); Cecily Pincsak, Gavin Damore and Mary Alex Nosek (Marketing/Communications); Owen Brazas  (Systems); Shari Eklof (Telemarketing);  Madeleine Borg and Amber Porter (Production); Eileen Clancy, Emily Robertson, Liz Taylor and Yvette Wesley (Costumes); Jason Rea and Sherry Simpson (Electrics); Chris Kolz (Props); Jess Hill and Vanessa Thomas (Run Staff); Krissy Cralle and Michael Frohbieter (Scenery); Bradford Chapin (Sound); Briana Fahey (Stage Management)

Individual Staff Members

Individual contributions make holistic progress. As the onus of IDEAA work is on us all, every Goodman Theatre staff member is invited to join a Cornerstone Task Force of their choice.

Get to know our staff here and visit our "I Am The Goodman" Video Library.

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The following section seeks to be a real-time, ongoing reflection of our process, our progress and our accountability. We will keep our community abreast through quarterly updates and maintain an ongoing dialogue with our community partners. Questions can be e-mailed to

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