Community Agreement

Welcome to the Goodman Theatre

As the premier cultural organization in Chicago, Goodman Theatre values equity, diversity and inclusion, and is committed to infusing these ideals into every aspect of our operations. We recognize that our individual intersectional identities represented across staff, board, artists and audiences bring vibrancy to our work and help make us better equipped to reflect our world—both on stage and off.

To that end, Goodman Theatre welcomes patrons, guests, artists, and community members of all abilities, ages, backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities, genders, gender expressions, races, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses, and all other identities, and makes a commitment to provide a safe and respectful space for all who join us.

We commit to providing a clean, secure, and welcoming facility; and a safe, encouraging environment for all people.

To meet these commitments, we will maintain standards and guidelines for all employees, contractors, personnel and patrons.

We welcome you to the Goodman and we ask that you join us in enacting these values. Behavior that is not in accordance with our values will not be tolerated.

If you witness or experience behavior inconsistent with these values, please speak to management, email, or call 312.443.5400.

Contact Us

The following section seeks to be a real-time, ongoing reflection of our process, our progress and our accountability. We will keep our community abreast through quarterly updates and maintain an ongoing dialogue with our community partners. Questions can be e-mailed to

Download a PDF of the IDEAA Action Plan >>