Artist Bios

Noël Huntzinger

(Bio as of September 2016)

Noël Huntzinger is an artistic associate at Sideshow Theatre Company (where here credits include Stupid F**king Bird and Antigonik), Filament Theatre (credits include Van Gogh Café, Pinocchio: A Folk Musical, Hank Williams Lost Highway and others) and Interrobang Theatre Ensemble (credits include Still, North Pool, Pitchfork Disney and others). Ms. Huntzinger has also designed shows with Muse of Fire, Two Pence Shakespeare, The Poor Theatre, Shattered Globe Theatre, Livewire and Collective Theatre Ensemble. In addition to theater, she has designed pieces for chorographers Ginny Sykes (Bodies of Memory), Wendy Clinard (Watershed) and the Antony Tudor Trust (Fandango). She wrapped her first full-length film design for Olympia: an Instruction Manual for Everything in the summer. Ms. Huntzinger is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is a graduate of Oklahoma University.