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Pasadena Playhouse

Officially designated the State Theatre of California, Pasadena Playhouse has made an indelible mark on American Theatre since its founding in 1917. A member of the National Register of historic places, Pasadena Play­house cemented itself into theater history by presenting 477 world premieres in the Playhouse’s first four decades and becoming the first American theater to present all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays. The not-for-profit Pasadena Playhouse continues to leave a lasting impression on theater, producing more than 300 performances a year, including many West Coast and world premiere theatrical pro­ductions. Pasadena Playhouse is celebrating one of its most successful seasons ever-pro­ducing two Pulitzer Prize-winning plays, Anna in the Tropics and Doubt, back-to-back and developing programs such as Hothouse at the Playhouse, a new play reading series designed to cultivate new playwrights and their work. Through its commitment to out­reach programs and educational opportunities, Pasadena Playhouse plays an integral role in the community.

(September 2005)