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Federico García Lorca

(Bio as of August 2006)

Federico García Lorca was born on June 5, 1899, in Spain. His first book, Impresiones y Viajes (1919), was followed by El Maldfico do la Mariposa (1920), a play that caused a great scandal when it was produced. He also wrote Libro de Poemas (1921), a compilation of poems based on Spanish folklore, and soon became part of a group of artists known as Generacion del 27, which included Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel, and which exposed the young poet to surrealism. In 1928, his book of verse, Romancero Gitano (The Gypsy Ballads), brought Garcia Lorca far­reaching fame; it was reprinted seven times during his lifetime. Some of Garcia Lorca’s other plays, including his three great tragedies Bodas de Sangre (1933), Yerma (1934) and La Casa Bernarda Alba (1936), were produced by traveling theater companies in Spain. In 1936 he was arrested by Franquist soldiers and murdered, and his books were burned in Granada’s Plaza del Carmen. His books were soon banned from Franco’s Spain.

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