Artist Bio

Ely Espino

Ely Espino is 18 years old, a five-year APTP veteran, and a soon-to-be freshman at Earlham College. She has been with APTP since she was 13 and has been a part of creating and performing five productions, including Home/Land and God’s Work at Goodman Theatre, I Will Kiss These Walls and both workshops of APTP and Third Rail Projects’ Learning Curve. Ms. Espino writes: “I am so grateful to be performing for the last time with APTP at the Goodman, which has become our second home. I am especially excited to perform Feast, the show that first inspired me to fall in love with APTP as an audience member. Just five days after closing this run of Feast, I will live my dream of going to college by starting my first year at Earlham College, where I will study psychology. I’m grateful for the family I’ve created at APTP, the courage and confidence I have built, and the knowledge of social issues that I will soon take with me to a new place.”