Four Cornerstones of Accountability

The following section seeks to be a real-time, ongoing reflection of our process and progress, in order for our community to help hold us accountable for our actions. In the spirit of transparency, we are committed to issuing quarterly updates to help facilitate ongoing dialogue with our community partners.

A “Cornerstone Task Force” (CTF) leads efforts within each of the four action areas. This hybrid entity of Staff Committee members and Goodman Staff works to fully excavate specific areas of the IDEAA work and execute special projects. Any staff member is welcome to join. CTF leadership may evolve to include a rotating chair position, as well as an IDEAA Deputy. The CTF will contribute to the creation of a shared resource center designed to be accessible by staff theaterwide.

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  • IDEAA Policy


    We will work to revise and establish policies for all stakeholders in order to ensure a safe and respectful environment; break the traditional barriers of participation; and enact equitable practices for all who engage with our brand.


  • IDEAA Programming


    We will review our artistic priorities—as demonstrated in the plays we produce, the artists we champion, the works we develop and Education and Engagement programming—ensuring that BIPOC voices are centered in all creative endeavors going forward, both in the new opportunities we will create as well as within our ongoing/established efforts.


  • IDEAA Communication


    We are committed to creating new opportunities for partnership, mentorship and stewardship through revision of our internal and external communication processes. Along the way, we will work to establish a safe channel for honest dialogue with leadership.


  • IDEAA Research and Assessment

    Research and Assessment

    We will invest in create a more equitable theater industry by examining our internal systems with industry professionals who will help us analyze, measure and track our goals with our action plan.


Contact Us

The following section seeks to be a real-time, ongoing reflection of our process, our progress and our accountability. We will keep our community abreast through quarterly updates and maintain an ongoing dialogue with our community partners. Questions can be e-mailed to

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