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Marta Carrasco Company

(Bio as of August 2006)

Marta Carrasco most recently collaborated with the Goodman on the 2008 Latino Theatre Festival. Internationally renowned, Marta Carrasco began her solo performance career in 1995 with Aiguardent. She created her second solo work, Blanc d’Ombra, In 1998, a piece that pays hom­age to the famous French sculptress Camille Claudel. In 2000, Marta Carrasco directed five per­formers in Mira’m (Se dicen tantas cosas), a part of the Goodman’s 2002 Latino Theatre Festival. In 2003, she created and directed Eterno? Aixo sí que no! Since September 2004, the Marta Carrasco Cornpany has been in residence at the National Theatre of Catalonia, where her production of Ga-gà opened in June of 2005, and her most recent creation, J’arrive…!, opened only months ago.

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