Artist Bio

Liliana Duran

Liliana Duran is 18 years old and a recent graduate of Roosevelt High School. She made her APTP debut in I Will Kiss These Walls, her Goodman debut in APTP’s God’s Work and performed in both workshop productions of APTP and Third Rail Projects’ forthcoming Learning Curve. Ms. Duran writes: “During my APTP journey, I have learned so much about the world, my community and myself. APTP has made me a leader, and it has taken my passion for activism and let me explore it on a whole new level. I have been touched by every story we have heard, and they have been my drive to pursue activism in my community. I plan to pursue activism next year when I begin a new journey at Monmouth College. It has been an inspiration to be part of a group of such dedicated and passionate people. They have all contributed to my time at APTP and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience.”