Artist Bio

Libertad Mardel

(Bio as of October 2018)

Libertad Mardel graduated and received her scenography degree from National School of Theater Art (INBA) 2005-2009. As scenery artist and costume designer her credits include  Qué Quilombo, Show Milonga Cabaret by IO Tango; JOB, directed by Rodolfo Guillén; Shalom and Moving 360 with Reno Theater Company, directed by Ray Nolasco, Melville en Mazatlán, directed by Eduardo Ruz Saviñón; Mendoza, directed by Juan Carrillo, Asalto al Banco, directed by Juan Carlos Vives; CSImpro at ATRIM, among others. She has been grantee from Mexico City Cultural Affairs to develop puppetry workshops in Tepito, and Mexican National Fine Arts Institute (INBA) Art Education projects with Roto para un descosido provide recycling puppetry and readapting clothing workshops at public plazas.  She has worked with National Theater Company, assisted several scenic creatives such as Gabriela Lozano, Patricia Gutiérrez, Eloise Kazán, Gloria Carrasco and Mayra Juárez; participated as assistant for art and costumes in short films at CUEC and CCC, and has done light design for several productions. In 2015, she designed and coordinated costumes for the film 7:19 and in 2016 for Deseo deseo and the series Rosario Tijeras. She currently is part of the creative team of Los Colochos Teatro as costume designer of Mendoza and light and costume designer in Nacahue.