Artist Bio

La Fábrica de Teatro Imaginario

(Bio as of July 2004)

La Fábrica de Teatro Imaginario (FTI) most recently collaborated with the Goodman on the 2004 Latino Theater Festival. FTI was created in 1998 at Mina Espazio (Bilbao) as a theatri­cal investigative laboratory. The creative purpose of FTI is to investigate a unique theatrical lan­guage, which permits us to express ourselves freely, and whose elements originate in the collec­tive imagination of the company. In this way, the common point of the various theatrical creations is that they all originate as a game and are built through teams formed by the diverse dramatic forms: text, music, lighting, objects, actors/dancers, etc. The ultimate objective of this search in the theatri­cal labyrinth is none other than the game and recreation of a theater that we have always imagined.

The proposal of creating FTI seeks to avoid the coercion of already established dramatic formulas with the intention to create it’s own theatrical language. The only premise of this creative game is that all of the elements originate in the collective imagination of La Fábrica.