Artist Bio

Dale Calandra

(Bio as of November 2001)

Dale Calandra most recently appeared at the Goodman in A Christmas Carol during the 2001/2002 Season. Favorite acting roles include Allen Gins­berg in The Chicago Conspiracy Trial at Remains Theatre, Clarence in Richard III at Oak Park Festival Theatre, and Louis in the original Patent Leather Shoes… at the Forum Theatre. Other Chicago credits include Lucio in Mea­sure For Measure, Greiver in Blue Window, Squeaky Clean in life I dream of at Center Theater, Giovanni in We Won’t Pay!, Donalbain in Kabuki Mac­beth at Wisdom Bridge, and Otto in The Food Chain at Organic. Original shows include Lysistrata, 2411 A.D. at the Center Theater (published by Doubleday). The Adventures of Don Quixote at Oak Park Festival Theatre, and Torn Mula’s one-man show The Circus of Dr. Lao at the Next Theatre. Tele­vision credits include Mr. Bibeau on CBS’s Early Edition, Enrico Caruso on The Untouchables, and the host of Chicago Stages for CNN News. This spring he can be seen as Leo Persini in the feature film Joshua. Mr. Calandra is artistic director of Oak Park Festival Theatre, a founder of Center Theater Ensemble and creative director of The Fourth Wall: Training for the Working Actor.

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