Artist Bio

Andrei Onegin – Seagull Works Scene Shop

(Bio as of July 2017)

During the 35 years of Mr. Onegin’s theater career, he has participated in and built or designed sets for more than 130 productions. He has worked for legendary companies including Moscow Art Theater, Kabukiand Comédie-Française. He received his MFA in 1992 from The Moscow Art Theater School with a concentration in set design, engineering and production. He is a 2014 Non-Equity Wing Jeff Award winner for Best Set Design, 2013-14 Equity Wing Jeff Award nominee for Best Midsize Set Design, 2013-14 Black Excellence Award winner for Outstanding Technical Support (set) and 2013-14-15 Black Theater Alliance Award winner for Best Set Design. He is the owner of Seagull Works Chicago Scene Shop, an independent design and construction company serving the Chicago theater community since 1999.