Internship FAQs

Q: When can I apply for an internship?

Most Goodman internships run in sessions on a spring, summer and fall schedule. Applications for the spring session are typically due in October, summer session applications in February, and fall session applications in May. As such, we recommend applying for an internship in the session preceding it; for spring sessions that is between May and October, summer between October and February, and fall between February and May. Regardless of when one submits an application, we do not begin reviewing for a particular session until its deadline has passed.

You can visit our application page to see for which session we are currently seeking applications and relevant deadlines. Please note that Stage Management internships operate on Goodman's production schedule, and do not follow traditional spring, summer or fall sessions. Production and Design internships also have irregular sessions and are review on an "as needed" basis.


Q: How will I know that you have received my application materials?

A: You should receive an email confirming receipt of application. Your two letters of recommendation (more than two will not be read) are to be uploaded by your letter of recommendation writer on or before the application deadline. Your LOR writer may either submit their recommendation using our letter of recommendation upload form or email it directly to internships@goodmantheatre.orgApplicants should follow up with their recommendation writers to ensure submission. Please do not call us to check the status of your application or letters of recommendation.

Q: How does the selection process work?

A: Reading and evaluating applications takes three to five weeks from the application deadline, and sometimes longer during unusually busy periods of activity at the theater. Once that stage of the process is completed, the top three to five candidates for each position are interviewed, either in person or by telephone, after which formal offers are made. We realize that waiting for official notification of your status can be stressful and we appreciate your patience. If you have not heard from us yet and cannot delay pursuing other options we certainly understand and encourage you to act accordingly; please let us know if you do decide to take another offer or if your plans change. Again, please do not call to check on the status of your application. Questions can be directed to

Q: How competitive is the selection process?

A: The Goodman has a limited number of internship positions to offer in relation to the volume of applications that we usually receive, and competition for each position tends to be stiff. Regrettably, we almost always have to turn away some well-qualified candidates. For that reason alone, we strongly encourage you to make alternative plans in the event that we are not able to offer you an internship.

Q: What if my availability does not match the specified internship dates and hours?

A: Within reason, internship dates and hours are usually negotiable. You should keep in mind, however, that our selection process tends to favor applicants whose availability most clearly matches the specified dates and hours.

Q: Can I be an intern and also hold an outside job?

A:Stage management interns, who must be at the theater for daytime rehearsals Tuesday through Sunday and up to 12 hours per day during tech rehearsals, may find it difficult to hold an outside job.

Artistic administration internship hours are usually more negotiable; however, if you are planning to hold an outside job over the course of your internship, this should be mentioned in your application and discussed during the interview process.

Q: Does the Goodman provide housing for interns?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to provide housing. It is your responsibility to find a place to live if you are offered an internship. Our living, working and commuting in Chicago section offers suggestions to help you start your search. Also, we will be happy to provide contact information for other interns who may be looking for roommates.

Q: Does the Goodman accept international intern candidates?

 A: We absolutely accept international candidates for these positions.  That being said, we are not a Visa sponsor organization; international applicants accepted to our program must already have a J1 Visa, or be willing to pay for any associated fees in obtaining a J1 Visa. We cannot sponsor interns nor be a host company in this capacity. We are happy to help in whatever way we can, and sign documents proving an internship offer, but cannot provide financial support or sponsorship for the J1 Visa. 

Q: Who should write my letters of recommendation?

A: These letters should be written by college faculty or professionals who have first-hand knowledge of your goals and accomplishments.

Q: Does the Goodman offer internships for high school students? What are some other ways for these students to pursue their interest in theater?

A: The Goodman’s internship program offers a rich and challenging experience for qualified college students, graduates and young professionals who are actively pursuing careers in professional theater. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and must be qualified to meet the demands of our program. If you have not yet graduated from high school, here are some great ways to pursue your interest in theater:

  • Apply to one of the Goodman’s four youth programs, which offer a range of opportunities for 14 to 18 year-old students in the Chicagoland Area
  • Learn by doing. Join a theater group in your school or neighborhood, and if there isn’t one already, start your own!
  • Plan each week to read a play, see a play or both. The more you read and see plays, the better prepared you will be to pursue a college education and/or career in theater. If money is an issue, ask about discounted tickets for students.
  • Organize a play-of-the-month club with your friends. Make a list of plays that you all want to read and talk about, then schedule a regular time to meet. Choose a wide variety of plays to read—including your own original plays if you or your friends are aspiring playwrights!