2666 Video

In February of 2016, the Goodman undertook one of the largest and most exciting productions in its over 90 years of existence—an epic adaptation of Roberto Bolaño’s internationally acclaimed novel 2666

Brought to life by Artistic Director Robert Falls and co-adaptor and director Seth Bockley, 2666 was an international event over 10 years in the making. In celebration of Robert Falls 30th anniversary with the Goodman, we are honored to present a full stream of this monumental nearly five hour production as a gift to its fans. For a limited time, you can experience this ambitious theatrical work thanks to the generosity of the artists of 2666.


Based on the novel by Roberto Bolaño
Adapted and directed by Robert Falls and Seth Bockley
Based on a translation by Natasha Wimmer

Set Design by Walt Spangler
Costume Design by Ana Kuzmanic
Lighting Design by Aaron Spivey
Original Music and Sound Design by Richard Woodbury and Mikhail Fiksel
Projection Design by Shawn Sagady
Casting by Adam Belcuore, CSA and Erica Sartini-Combs
Dramaturgy by Tanya Palmer
Production Stage Managers: Joseph Drummond* and Alden Vasquez*

Special thanks to the Roy Cockrum Foundation, Principal Foundation Support for 2666

CAST (in order of appearance)

I: The Part About the Academics

Piero Morini: Sean Fortunato*
Jean-Claude Pelletier: Lawrence Grimm*
Manuel Espinoza: Demetrios Troy*
Liz Norton: Nicole Wiesner
Schwartz/Dean Guerra: Jonathan Weir*
Borchmeyer: Juan Francisco Villa*
Pohl/Receptionist: Charin Alvarez*
Swabian/Nurse: Yadira Correa*
Mrs. Bubis: Janet Ulrich Brooks*
Alex Pritchard: Eric Lynch*
Taxi Driver/Young Guerra: Adam Poss*
Edwin Johns: Mark L. Montgomery*
Auxilio/Professor Perez/Dr. Koenig: Sandra Delgado*
Oscar Amalfitano: Henry Godinez*
Rosa Amalfitano: Alejandra Escalante*

II: The Part About Amalfitano

Oscar Amalfitano: Henry Godinez*
Rosa Amalfitano: Alejandra Escalante*
Voice of Amalfitano’s Father: Sean Fortunato*
Lola: Charin Alvarez*

III: The Part About Fate

Oscar Fate: Eric Lynch*
Fate’s Mother: LaFredta Lusk
Mourners: Cynthia Cornelius, Velma Gladney, Beatrice Hall, Mary Moran
Fate’s Editor/Rosita Mendez: Yadira Correa*
Chucho Flores: Demetrios Troy*
Charly Cruz: Juan Francisco Villa*
Guadalupe Roncal: Sandra Delgado*
Waiter: Sean Fortunato*
Rosa Amalfitano: Alejandra Escalante*
Young Guerra: Adam Poss*
Oscar Amalfitano: Henry Godinez*
Klaus Haas: Mark L. Montgomery*

IV: The Part About the Crimes

Guadalupe Roncal: Sandra Delgado*
Epifanio Galindo: Lawrence Grimm*
Jaime Contreras: Demetrios Troy*
Pedro Negrete: Sean Fortunato*
Elena Torres/Florita Almada/Ernesto: Yadira Correa*
Congresswoman Esquivel: Charin Alvarez*
María: Alejandra Escalante*
Juan de Dios Martinez: Juan Francisco Villa*
Elvira Campos: Janet Ulrich Brooks*
Lalo Cura: Adam Poss*
Carlos: Henry Godinez*
Albert Kessler: Jonathan Weir*
Klaus Haas: Mark L. Montgomery*
Prisoner: Eric Lynch*

V: The Part About Archimboldi

Lotte: Alejandra Escalante*
Johann/General Popescu: Henry Godinez*
Hans: Mark L. Montgomery*
Hilde/Ilse: Sandra Delgado*
Hugo Halder: Eric Lynch*
Grete von Joachimsthaler/Fortune Teller: Charin Alvarez*
SS Officer: Adam Poss*
Ingeborg Bauer: Nicole Wiesner
German Soldier: Juan Francisco Villa*
German Soldier: Demetrios Troy*
Baroness Von Zumpe: Janet Ulrich Brooks*
General Entrescu/Jacob Bubis: Jonathan Weir*
Village Woman: Yadira Correa*
Leo Sammer: Sean Fortunato*
Ansky: Lawrence Grimm*