Our Perspective: Asian America

STARTS 2/12/2018 The Alice Center
7-9pm Free, reservations required

Our Perspective: Asian American Play Readings

The Asian Pacific American (APA) population is seriously under represented on stage. Our Perspective: Asian American Play Readings is a staged play reading series intended to provide inspiration, space and audiences for Midwest APA playwrights, directors and actors. Curated by Mia Park and produced by Asian Improv Arts Midwest's AA Arts Incubator.

On February 12, 2018, five short plays will be read written by Sue Pak, Jessica Huang, Tanuja Jagernauth, Darien Pak, Melissa Kong and directed by Mia Park, Brian Balcom, Jonald Reyes, Carol Ann Tan and Wai Yim.


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Curator’s Statement from Mia Park

Time Magazine’s article on the lack of Asian American representation on television confirms what we already know: the Asian Pacific American (APA) population is seriously under represented. The same can be said for APA under representation in the oldest form of public story sharing, the theatrical stage. NBC News reported on Asian Americans in theatre speaking out against the white-washing of Asian roles in entertainment and the challenges the APA community faces in the acting industry.Chicago’s theatre community is a microcosm of our global theatre’s lack of APA opportunities. As a Chicago based Korean American actress and playwright for almost twenty years, I’ve experienced directly how, locally, our APA voices are often unheard in plays and on-screen. Since 2016, I’ve advocated for the training of local Asian American actors by hosting workshops in order to promote a qualified talent pool for casting directors to choose from, so that the explanation of “Chicago doesn’t have talented APA actors” can no longer apply.

I recognize that an important way to continue advocating for APA representation is to encourage the creation of content created by the APA community. I intend to provide inspiration, space, and an audience for local Asian American playwrights, directors, and actors in the series, “Our Perspective: Asian American Play Readings”.

I believe that our universal voice will be best developed and strengthened by focusing on local talent. The only way to be heard and seen is to speak up and have presence, and “Our Perspective: Asian American Play Readings” aims to accomplish these goals.