CONTEXT: Authentic Artifice

STARTS 6/16/2014 In the Owen
6:30pm Free, online reservations required

Ask Aunt Susan CONTEXT
Authentic Artifice: Crafting Identity Online

June 16, 2014 | 6:30pm
In the Owen
FREE, online reservations required

Ask Aunt Susan introduces us to an online advice guru whose web of deceit grows with her popularity. How do people, tasked with creating and maintaining false personas, hold the line between their creation’s identity and their own? Real life “Aunt Susan’s,” professionals in search engine optimization, social media, and digital marketing, will discuss the creation of content versus identity and the space that lies between. Panelists include Dan Fietsam, the former creative director of BBDO and a current U of C instructor in Creativity, Branding and Technology, Shannon Downey, owner of Pivotal Chicago, and Alex Mohr, formerly of Ketchum Inc. with NPR's Cheryl Corley moderating. 


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Shannon Downey - @shannondowney
Alex Mohr - @alexophile
Cheryl Corley - @nprcherylcorley