Individual Donors

We wish to thank our individual donors for their steadfast support of our mission to make the Goodman a theater for all—a place where diverse audiences can experience extraordinary productions and programs.

When you give to the Goodman, you play an integral role in bringing our artistic dreams and education programs to life. Your patronage allows the Goodman to produce high-quality, nationally recognized productions and free of charge education programs that reach thousands of Chicago Public School students each year. 



Geneva Calloway

Longtime patron and A Christmas Carol Endowment supporter Geneva Calloway talks about her decades at the Goodman.

How long have you been involved with the Goodman?

My sisters—Ursula Anderson and Vernita Jones—and I first saw A Christmas Carol over 30 years ago when it was performed in the old Goodman Theatre, adjacent to the Art Institute. Since then, we have made it a family tradition; Christmas dinner under the Marshall Field/Macy’s Christmas tree, a visit to Santa, and then the show.

Is there a special Goodman experience that you would like to share?

While our children are now in their 40's and our grandchildren too old to sit on Santa's lap, my sisters and I still continue our annual tradition of seeing A Christmas Carol not as patrons, but as volunteer ushers for the Goodman Theatre. Throughout the years, my favorite scene is still when the Ghost of Marley returns to visit Scrooge.

In what ways has Goodman Theatre’s programming influenced your decision to support? Why might you encourage others to support the Goodman?

The Goodman Theatre has done so much to enrich the culture of Chicago—supporting the A Christmas Carol Endowment fund is just our way of saying thank you.




Marsha Serlin

Goodman Business Council Member Marsha Serlin, United Scrap Metal, Inc. talks about her involvement with the Goodman.

How did you become involved with the Goodman?

When I was just starting out my career, I had the privilege of working for a lawyer who, whenever travelling, would ask me if I wanted his symphony tickets. Because of his generosity and encouragement, I have been a supporter of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for over 30 years. My appreciation for the symphony carried over to the Lyric Opera and to the Goodman. His simple act of sharing nurtured a real passion for the arts within me.

I decided I wanted to pay it forward to my employees at United Scrap Metal. In 2012, I was invited to sponsor Women’s Night featuring Crowns, and I was delighted to be able bring a group of women, who might not otherwise have such an opportunity, to see the play. They loved it, were moved by it, and have been inspired to get out and experience more theater and culture!

On being a Business Council member:

I decided to join the Business Council to continue being an advocate for theater. I believe that when you love something, you should share it. I look forward to introducing more folks to the Goodman—more employee nights at the theater, as well as nights with clients, colleagues and friends. I also know that my support helps the Goodman to not only remain a part of a tremendous Loop theater district, but an essential and world-class cultural institution in Chicago.

What sets the Goodman apart?

I really appreciate all that the Goodman does for the broader community, particularly Women’s Night and the many terrific diversity initiatives of the theater. The Goodman offers such a wonderful variety of plays in the subscription series. There is truly something for everyone in a season; stories that will really resonate with folks from every corner of the city.



Beatrice Hill

Beatrice Hall

Subscriber and Community Engagement Partners donor Beatrice Hall shares why she supports Goodman Theatre.

How long have you been involved with the Goodman?

Dear child, I don’t really remember. I can tell you that I was there at the old theater when you could have dinner in the rehearsal room. I was not a Subscriber; I was buying ticket-by-ticket back then. I saw all of August Wilson’s plays.

With all of the options in Chicago, why do you support Goodman Theatre?

It’s the theater where I was introduced to theater. Also, it’s always been easily accessible from my home and my office when I was working. And I was really impressed by your programs for inner city students.

Do you support other arts and cultural organizations in Chicago?

I do attend other organizations, but the Goodman is where my support really goes.

Which recent Goodman Theatre productions have been favorites?

That is really hard. I know I enjoyed Silk so much that I actually bought the book it was based on. There was just something about the production. I also enjoyed Crowns, King Lear and The Piano Lesson.



Barbara Joabson

Barbara Joabson

The Goodman’s Spotlight Society members are dedicated supporters who have designated a special gift to benefit the Goodman through their estate plans. Goodman Subscriber and Spotlight Society member Barbara Joabson shares why she supports Goodman Theatre.

How long have you been a subscriber?

Thirty years.

What was your favorite Goodman production?

Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana with William Petersen.

Have you been involved with theater yourself?

Recently, I’ve been directing and writing docu-dramas.  I’ve been in seven productions at the Lyric Opera since I retired in 1997. The Goodman’s Casting Director Adam Belcuore actually started my life as a performer; he cast me in a very small part as the Hiccup Lady in a production. I’ve been doing it ever since.

Why is theater so important in your life?

It’s always given me the opportunity to step outside of myself, either as someone who participates in theater as an audience member or on the stage.  

Do you support other arts and cultural organizations in Chicago?

Lyric Opera of Chicago, Lookingglass Theatre Company and Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Why are you a Goodman Theatre Spotlight Society Member?

The Goodman has given me so much support and entertainment and brought richness to my life. It’s very important to give something back in the best way I can. It’s a thank you to the Goodman, for all it’s meant to me.




Linda and Bruce DeViller

Goodman Subscribers and donors Linda and Bruce DeViller share why they support Goodman Theatre.

With all of the options in Chicago, why do you subscribe to the Goodman? How long have you been Subscribers?


We subscribe to the Goodman because of the value. The quality of the productions, including the selected shows, the directing, casting and set design, combined with reasonable ticket prices makes a Goodman subscription one of the best cultural and entertainment options available in Chicago. We have been Goodman Subscribers for at least seven seasons.


Is there a donation benefit that influences your giving, other than the tax deduction?


We both greatly enjoy donor events, such as Play Club and the Noon Salon series. Having the opportunity to hear about a production from the writer, director or performers, as well as having conversations with them and fellow Subscribers, is a rich complement to attending a performance.

What has been your favorite recent production? Why?

Ruined from the 2008/2009 Season was a stunning, emotional production that gave light to a very disturbing and harsh reality for women in the Congo. The story could have been blasted in a glaring and hysterical light, but instead, Lynn Nottage and Kate Whoriskey created a moving, beautiful story about hope and love.

In great contrast—Animal Crackers from the 2009/2010 Season was such a lighthearted and wonderful comedic adaptation of the Marx Brothers production—showcasing the musical and physical comedic talents of Joey Slotnick, Jonathan Brody and Molly Brennan (the perfectly cast Harpo!). I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time.




Charlene Raimondi

Charlene Raimondi has made a bequest in support of Goodman’s Endowing Excellence Campaign and the New Work Endowment, in memory of her sister Lenore Swoiskin. She shares why she supports Goodman Theatre.

With all of the options in Chicago, why do you attend Goodman Theatre?

I’ve always enjoyed the shows the Goodman stages. I’ve been going for over 35 years. I used to attend with my sister, as my husband wasn’t interested in theater. One time he did go, though, and it was a big surprise to him! He really enjoyed it.

Why do you support the Goodman, the Endowment and new work?

It’s an important organization in the city. I’ve enjoyed many new plays, though not so much the avant-garde. You never know what to expect with new work.

Which Goodman Theatre productions have been favorites?

I loved The Iceman Cometh with Brian Dennehy (1990/1991 Season).



Joyce Cohen

Premiere Society member and Subscriber Joyce Cohen shares why she supports Goodman Theatre.

With all of the options in Chicago, why do you support Goodman Theatre?

The plays are fantastic. The talent is excellent. The staff is exuberant. The Goodman truly makes Chicago the #1 city in the country. And all that they do for the children of Chicago—it’s incredible. Plus, the Goodman is so accommodating for their patrons. They make it so easy to exchange tickets.

Is there a perk to donating that influences your giving?

Because I specifically gave to their education programs, I was invited to a reception and performance of their General Theater Studies program. It was such a wonderful opportunity to see the great work the students created. I’m so glad I was invited.

Why do you support theater, in general?

Well, I have a bit of an acting background. In fact, I even auditioned for Second City when the Belushi brothers were around.

Which recent Goodman Theatre productions have been your favorites?

I loved Chinglish! I saw it again in New York with my daughter. Since she speaks Mandarin, I felt she’d enjoy the humor in the mistranslations. And, since I speak also Spanish, I really enjoyed El Nogalar.


Jason Knupp

GoodmanJason Knupp Theatre’s Scenemakers are a dynamic group of young professionals who support the mission of the theater through fundraising, audience development and advocacy. Scenemakers Board member Jason Knupp shares his experience with the Goodman.

How long have you been involved with/attended the Goodman?

I have been involved at the Goodman since 2010, on the Scenemakers Board and the Education and Community Engagement Committee.

In what ways has Goodman Theatre’s programming influenced your decision to support? Why might you encourage others to support the Goodman?

My decision to support the Goodman has been most influenced by my desire to contribute to an enduring artistic institution and an opportunity to cultivate a shared long-term passion and interest in theatre with my wife, Debbie, and two daughters, Savannah and Sydney.  In particular, I have appreciated the intimate access to the staff, artists and other donors, and have thoroughly enjoyed building authentic relationships through the wide variety of productions, events and behind the scenes access.

I would encourage others to support the Goodman for similar reasons, and as an added benefit, my support has doubly blessed me with built-in date nights with my wife.

What are some of the donor benefits that you enjoy most?

The donor benefits I enjoy most are the Scene Nights, the post-show cast parties, the Scene Soiree, and access to excellent tickets and experiences like A Christmas Carol. I also appreciated the chance to win a silent auction item—a casting call—which gave me the chance to experience an intimate backstage moment and dinner with Adam Belcore.

Which Goodman Theatre productions have been favorites in our recent history?  Why?

My favorite Goodman Theatre productions have been Sweet Bird of Youth, Chinglish, God of Carnage, and A Christmas Carol. They have been my favorites for a wide range of reasons, including meeting the actors, creative scripts and amazing on-stage performances.

Favorite actors?  Directors?

My favorite actor is Diane Lane and my favorite director thus far is Steve Scott.

How would you describe the Goodman to others?

I would describe the Goodman to others as a perfect blend of mind-expanding art with down-to-earth access to talent and creativity. The Goodman is a beacon in the arts and theatre community nationally and is a crown jewel in Chicago.

Is there a special Goodman experience that you would like to share?

My most special Goodman experience to date was a combination of the endowment event for A Christmas Carol and the attendance of the Christmas Carol production and post-show cast party with my wife and two daughters. This experience planted a wonderful seed of “love for theatre” in the hearts of my girls that I hope will carry them well into their adult years.



Endowment Support

“We chose to support the Cultural Diversity fund of the Goodman endowment because to us, diversity is more than just a buzz word. It’s the way we live our lives. I think, like the city, which has its character from diverse cultures and the people who are here, the Goodman also embraces that.”

Adnaan Hamid, M.D., Goodman Theatre Trustee; Efroymson Family Fund, a CICF Fund




“The Goodman holds a special place in Prince Charitable Trusts’ heart and when they needed some help to get the campaign started, we were very excited and eager to participate . . . I look at the Goodman as a consummate regional theater. Really, from everything it does, from the diversity in which it chooses its plays, its works, its staff, its board . . . to me it represents the ideal civic institution in Chicago.”

Patrick Wood-Prince, Goodman Theatre Trustee; Prince Charitable Trusts