Launching Aunt Susan

Your web-based advice guru needs help to launch her digital empire.

Why Ask Aunt Susan?
What if empathy were a commodity? What if you could help create the first ever therapeutic social media platform? The world of Aunt Susan is accelerating fast and we need more writers to answer our readers’ questions. Everyone around the globe is seeking advice from Aunt Susan—and it has become too much for one woman to handle! Help us expand our website to take Aunt Susan to the next level and reach every home in America . . . and beyond.

Invest $25 or more…

  • Get your name listed on Aunt Susan's website (name will appear as an “Aunt Susan Investor” on the Goodman website)

Invest $50 or more…

  • Receive free therapeutic advice from Aunt Susan for one month ‡
  • Get your name listed on our website
  • Have a drink with Aunt Susan (more like a drink voucher for use at the Goodman lobby bars, tickets for the show not included)

Pledge $100 or more…

  • All of the great benefits listed above
  • Become web-based advice guru Aunt Susan for a month, helping others on a global scale ‡
  • Get Aunt Susan’s autograph (in the form of a signed Playbill from the cast of Ask Aunt Susan)

Become an Angel Investor for $750 or more…

  • All of the great benefits listed above
  • Receive personal advice from Aunt Susan for a lifetimethe ultimate VIP treatment ‡

Invest now—if we raise over one million dollars we will launch Aunt Susan from a canon on Dearborn Street!

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‡ As interesting as these benefits may sound, they do not actually exist. 

Ask Aunt Susan is a piece that has been developed through the Goodman’s New Stages Festival and the Playwrights Unit. Bockley was inspired by Nathanael West’s 1933 novella Miss Lonelyhearts, about a male newspaper reporter in the Great Depression who writes a self-help column as “Miss Lonelyhearts.” Ask Aunt Susan pointedly looks at identity, anonymity and the nature of honesty in the internet age.

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