Choice Membership

Choice Membership: Design a package that fits your theater-going style.

Mix and match plays from the Albert and Owen Theatres. Simply choose 3 or more plays—and receive great Member benefits and lots of flexibility!

Step 1: Select your seat location and quantity
Step 2: Choose your plays
Step 3: Choose performance dates for each show (on the following page)

1. Choose your seat location and quantity


2. Select your plays

Every Thursday in Wrigleyville is “Guys’ Night” for a group of pals who gather to vent about middle-aged maladies—with a “No Ladies” policy strictly enforced. Don’t miss this of-the-moment comedy by Ellen Fairey.


After the prize comes the pressure. Five years after receiving career-defining awards, Ernest Hemingway faces a looming deadline for a story about the rivalrous matadors of Pamplona. 


3. Choose your peformance dates for each show