Saturday, May 28 at 7pm in the Alice Center

Li runs a "rent-a-foreigner" agency, loaning out white actors to Chinese businesses looking to boost their international prestige. She finally meets an assignment worthy of her creativity and ambition: populate an entire ghost city with white people in order to convince skeptical Chinese buyers to move in. It’s Li’s chance at the Chinese Dream, but what will this exorbitant lie cost her? A sweeping epic that takes us from the streets, factories, and slums of Shenzen all the way up to the penthouses of the political elite, Charlie Oh's new play is an absurd, high-stakes tale of global hi-jinks with grave consequences.


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  • White Monkey contains strong adult language, sexual references, and descriptions of violence.

Please note: masks must be worn while inside the theater and children under 5 are not permitted. For a full of list of Health and Safety protocols, visit

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  • Charlie Oh

    Charlie Oh Playwright

  • Mikael Burke

    Mikael Burke Director

  • Japhet Balaban

    Japhet Balaban Henry

  • Matt Bowdren

    Matt Bowdren Butler

  • Rammel Chan

    Rammel Chan Zhang

  • Kroydell Galima

    Kroydell Galima Man 2

  • Jason Goff

    Jason Goff Butler

  • Niko Kourtis

    Niko Kourtis Butler

  • Garrett Lutz

    Garrett Lutz Butler

  • Deanna Myers

    Deanna Myers Li

  • Mia Park

    Mia Park Woman 1

  • Peter Sipla

    Peter Sipla Gong

  • Aurora Adachi-Winter

    Aurora Adachi-Winter Woman 2

  • Matthew C. Yee

    Matthew C. Yee Man 1

  • Brandon Zang

    Brandon Zang Stage Directions Reader

  • Rachael Jimenez

    Rachael Jimenez Casting

  • Caroline Michele Uy

    Caroline Michele Uy Production Assistant

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