Cephianne's Reflection

STARTS 3/26/2022 The Alice Center
7pm Sold Out

By Mallory Raven-Ellen Backstrom, Directed by Wardell Julius Clark

No one has left the invisible island of Ma Isle in over three hundred years; both a blessing and a curse. Endowed with divine power, ruler Queen Aimee sends all her subjects into the wilderness in their twenty-second year to be gifted with incredible abilities. So it has been for generations, as the world has turned without any of them in mind... until Queen Aimee's youngest child emerges from the woods, seemingly unchanged, and stumbles upon an ancient man in her mirror. Mallory Raven-Ellen Backstrom’s new play is penned in homage to an American dialect and colorful culture found on the Sea Islands off the coast of Georgia, where the descendants of slaves learned how to turn pain into power.

Read Content Advisory Info
  • Cephianne's Reflection contains some adult language and sexual references.



  • Mallory Raven-Ellen Backstrom

    Mallory Raven-Ellen Backstrom Playwright

  • Wardell Julius Clark

    Wardell Julius Clark Director

  • Sean Blake

    Sean Blake Jean-Henri Duvalier

  • Sheldon D. Brown

    Sheldon D. Brown Tout Suite St. Ellis

  • Sydney Charles

    Sydney Charles Queen Aimee St. Ellis

  • Sharriese Hamilton

    Sharriese Hamilton Oshun

  • Alanna Lovely

    Alanna Lovely Alcione St. Ellis

  • Al'Jaleel McGhee

    Al'Jaleel McGhee Noble St. Ellis

  • Marcus D. Moore

    Marcus D. Moore Sabatien

  • Maya Vinice Prentiss

    Maya Vinice Prentiss Cephianne St. Ellis

  • Alexis J. Roston

    Alexis J. Roston Le'Faye St. Ellis

  • TayLar

    TayLar Fealty Duvalier

  • Christopher Wayland

    Christoper Wayland Christophe Leyton

  • Stan Brown

    Stan Brown Voice & Language Coach

  • Rachael Jimenez

    Rachael Jimenez Casting

  • Caroline Michele Uy

    Caroline Michele Uy Production Assistant



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