#ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence

STARTS 4/20/2022 Alice Lab 1
7:30pm SOLD OUT

The Goodman Theatre will participate in #ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence: a ground-breaking series of readings staged simultaneously in multiple cities nationwide.

Ticket reservations include all eight 10-minute staged readings, performed in a single evening. Learn more about the plays here.

Manuel Oliver, activist and father of Parkland victim Joaquin Oliver, and acclaimed playwrights Lydia Diamond, Naomi Iizuka, Rajiv Joseph, Mary Kathryn Nagle, and Don Zolidis, selected eight 10-minute plays to be performed in staged readings across the country on April 20, 2022 – the 23-year remembrance of Columbine. The eight 10-minute plays authored by teenage playwrights, include McKennzie Boyd's Southside Summer, Arianna Brumfield's Allegiance, Willa Colleary's Rehearsal, Anya Jiménez's It's Okay, Taylor Lafayette's Salted Lemonade, Tain Leonard-Peck's In My Sights, Cameron Thiesing's Undo Redo and Wyn Alyse Thomas' Write Their Wrongs. Quenna Barrett (Associate Director of Education and Engagement), and Georgette Verdin (Maggio Fellow), will direct.

This is Goodman’s second time participating in #ENOUGH; the first being a virtual offering in 2020, featuring Ghost Gun, written by Olivia Ridley and directed by Ken-Matt Martin. In Fall, 2021, #ENOUGH issued another call for teen writers to submit 10-minute plays confronting issues of gun violence.


Mental Health Resources​

Watching scenes about such heavy material can be hard and draining. Make sure to check in with how you are feeling and take breaks if necessary to keep yourself as emotionally healthy as possible. Our Rotunda is open next door as a care space if you need a break from the performance. Here are some resources to keep in your pocket for yourself or others.

Team Enough - List of Mental Health Resources
This is a helpful compilation of resources for suicide prevention and crisis intervention. Below are a few of the links available on that list.

Worried about a friend? Be proactive – use this resource to anonymously get someone the help they need.

National Suicide Hotline — 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or Text 741741
Disaster Distress Helpline — 1-800-985-5990
Teen Line — 1-800-TLC-TEEN (852-8336) or Text TEEN to 839863


Directors & Playwrights

  • Quenna Lené Barrett

    Quenna Lené Barrett Director

  • Georgette Verdin

    Georgette Verdin Director

  • McKennzie Boyd

    McKennzie Boyd Playwright

  • Arianna Brumfield

    Arianna Brumfield Playwright

  • Willa Colleary

    Willa Colleary Playwright

  • Anya Jiménez

    Anya Jiménez Playwright

  • Taylor Lafayette

    Taylor Lafayette Playwright

  • Tain Leonard-Peck

    Tain Leonard-Peck Playwright

  • Cameron Thiesing

    Cameron Thiesing Playwright

  • Wyn Alyse Thomas

    Wyn Alyse Thomas Playwright

  • Michael Cotey

    Michael Cotey #ENOUGH Producer

Acting Ensemble

Adhana Reid
Alexander Quiñones
alfonzo kahlil
Barbara Figgins
Christopher Acevedo
Curtis Edward Jackson

Dana N. Anderson
David Dowd
Echaka Agba
Greg Geffrard
Kenneth La'Ron Hamilton
LaKecia Harris
Tina Muñoz Pandya

The Plays

  • Southside Summer

    By McKennzie Boyd

    A young mother, her son and her daughter share their experience of living on the southside of Chicago, where guns don't discriminate based on how young or old you are but it's the color of your skin that can change which way the gun faces.

  • Allegiance

    By Arianna Brumfield

    Growing up in a community where opportunities are scarce, Nehemiah feels burdened with the responsibility of rebuilding his fractured family. When tragedy rips a hole in his world, he must decide whether to fulfill that responsibility or seek revenge, and which life he was destined to live.

  • Rehearsal

    By Willa Colleary

    Four students at an elite private school and their cult-of-personality history teacher must recount how and why they began the weekly ritual of obsessively performing an archetypal school shooting.

  • It's Okay

    By Anya Jiménez

    In an unknown dreamscape, seemingly without time, a grieving mother grapples with her reality following the mass shooting at her daughter’s elementary school.

  • Salted Lemonade

    By Taylor Lafayette

    Worrying over her 18 year old son’s well being can sometimes feel like a full time job for Lisa, a widowed mother who lost her husband to gun violence. But when Jamal doesn’t text her, it may be a day she’s feared ever since her husband died has finally arrived.

  • In My Sights

    By Tain Leonard-Peck

    Told from the gun’s perspective, IN MY SIGHTS follows the “life” of a gun, from its creation and adoption by a loving couple, to its theft and use in a shooting, exploring how even well-intentioned gun owners can find their weapons embroiled in violent crime.

  • Undo, Redo

    By Cameron Thiesing

    No. Stop. Like this. Okay, do it again. Giving directions to her past self and her friend Rachel as if the director of a play, Caroline desperately tries to change the past as she is forced to come to terms with what really happened at school.

  • Write Their Wrongs

    By Wyn Alyse Thomas

    After surviving a shooting in their high school, four writers get together to try to write a piece that will inspire change in the nation's gun legislation.

What is #ENOUGH?

#ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence calls on teens to confront gun violence by creating new works of theatre that will spark critical conversations and inspire meaningful action in communities across the country. Our mission is to promote playwriting as a tool for self-expression and social change, harnessing this generation's spirit of activism and providing a platform for America's playwrights of tomorrow to discover and develop their voices today.