New Stages Readings

Sept 21 - Oct 9, 2016

Staged Readings

  • And Moira Spins

    By Kirsten Greenidge | Directed by vanessa stalling
    Saturday, October 8 | 10:30am

    Determined to have a perfect vacation with her sisters, Lavinia has dropped off her kids at camp and rented a summer house. Her siblings, however, bring along their own baggage that threatens to ruin Lavinia’s meticulously planned week. And when their long-estranged stepmother shows up out of the blue, dormant tensions boil to the surface, forcing the women to face their cherished notions of family and how far they will go to preserve those beliefs.




  • Florissant & Canfield

    By Kristiana Rae Colón | Directed by Monty Cole
    Saturday, October 8 | 2pm

    Colliding in the fevered arena of a civil rights renaissance, a newly formed alliance of protesters is forced to put their nascent ideologies to the test in the quest for new visions of justice. Located at the intersections of tear gas and teddy bear memorials, of policeman Darren Wilson and teenager Michael Brown, of looting and liberation, Florissant & Canfield refracts the realities of Ferguson, Missouri, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.


  • Amy and the Orphans

    By Lindsey Ferrentino | Directed by Scott Ellis
    Sunday, October 9 | 10am

    When their 85-year-old father dies, sparring siblings Maggie and Jake must break the news to their sister Amy, who has Down syndrome and lives in a state care facility. As they travel to their father’s memorial service with Amy and her straight-talking caregiver in tow, Jake and Maggie try to save the family by reintegrating Amy back into their lives—but soon must confront the truth about how truly far apart they’ve all grown. 


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