Destiny of Desire

Mar 11 – Apr 16, 2017 In the Albert
Approximate running time: 2 hours and 20 minutes including one intermission

  • "Simply fabulous and riotously funny...highly entertaining"— Chicago Tribune

Passion. Deception. Forbidden love. The beloved telenovela comes to the Goodman stage – with a provocative twist.

On a stormy night in small town Mexico, two baby girls are born – one to poverty, one to privilege-and then secretly switched. Eighteen years later the girls meet, brought together by misfortune. Or is it fate? Filled with glorious live music, this smart, contemporary comedy proves just how much the world can transform when women take destiny into their own hands. 

   Performed in English with songs sung in English and Spanish.   



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Produced in association with South Coast Repertory.

  • Destiny of Desire Production Photos
    Esperanza America (Pilar Esperanza Castillo), Ella Saldana North (Victoria Maria del Rio), Ricardo Gutierrez, Fidel Gomez (Dr. Diego Mendoza), Mauricio Mendoza and Elisa Bocanegra

  • Destiny of Desire Production Photos
    Ruth Livier (Fabiola Castillo), Ricardo Gutierrez (Dr. Jorge Mendoza) and Evelina Fernandez (Sister Sonia)

  • Destiny of Desire Production Photos
    Esperanza America, Fidel Gomez, Ella Saldana North, Elisa Bocanegra and Mauricio Mendoza

  • Destiny of Desire Production Photos
    Esperanza America (Pilar Esperanza Castillo) and Ella Saldana North (Victoria Maria del Rio)

  • Destiny of Desire Production Photos
    Ella Saldana North (Victoria Maria del Rio), Esperanza America (Pilar Esperanza Castillo), Ruth Livier (Fabiola Castillo) and Cástulo Guerra (Armando Castillo)

  • Destiny of Desire Production Photos
    Ruth Livier (Fabiola Castillo) and Fidel Gomez (Dr. Diego Mendoza)

  • Destiny of Desire Production Photos
    Esperanza America (Pilar Esperanza Castillo) and Ella Saldana North (Victoria Maria del Rio)

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Press & Reviews

'Destiny of Desire': The sweaty popularity of telenovelas, now at Goodman

What is the most popular form of entertainment on the planet? No, it's not the broadcasts of the National Football League or even the World Cup. It's not even Robert Falls' famous productions of the works of Anton Chekhov.

Review: Give in to giggles at Goodman's 'Destiny of Desire'

Master of parody Mel Brooks once said parodies were "what comedy should be. A salute... to the original...and just move it over 2 inches here to the right or the left and you get all the comedy you need."

Destiny of Desire

Telenovela takes the stage at Goodman Theatre. - Mar 22, 2017 by Adelaide Lee in Reviews. Tags: Destiny of Desire, Karen Zacarías, José Luis Valenzuela, Ruth Livier, Fidel Gomez, Esperanza America, Ella Saldana North, Elisa Bocanegra, Mauricio Mendoza, Castulo Guerra, Evelina Fernandez

Lust, Lies and Laughs: A Review of Destiny of Desire at Goodman Theatre | Newcity Stage

Esperanza America and Ella Saldana North/Photo: Liz Lauren RECOMMENDED "Destiny of Desire," Karen Zacarías' whirlwind comedy and loving parody of telenovelas, punctuates its onslaught of visual and verbal gags with sobering statistics that both contextualize and contrast the play's over-the-top tone.

Chicago Theater Review: DESTINY OF DESIRE (Goodman Theatre)

An exhilarating, over-the-top, floridly artificial romp, Destiny of Desire is as wonderfully hokey as its title. A Chicago premiere, Goodman Theatre's co-production with South Coast Repertory is Karen Zacarías' affectionate salute to the romance of the telenovela. Her stylized showcase is a giddy treat that quietly carries an exuberantly pro-feminist message, charmingly camouflaged in a feast of hysterical histrionics and enthralling excess.

Backstage of Destiny of Desire - Glossed & Found

Destiny of Desire begins on a stormy night in small town Mexico. Two baby girls are born into two very different worlds-one to privilege and one to poverty-but then are secretly switched. And so begins a wild romp of a musical play that leaves the audience Ooh-ing, Aah-ing and desperately leaving wanting more.

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Watch a signed summary of Destiny of Desire.


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