A Celebration of Latina/o Artists Toolkit

January 16 - March 13, 2016

    Welcome to the Marketing Toolkit for A Celebration of Latina/o Artists!

    Here you can find important information about the Celebration to help support your organization's marketing efforts. Questions? Please contact Marissa Ford at MarissaFord@GoodmanTheatre.org.

    Visit GoodmanTheatre.org/LCelebration for the full public listing of all upcoming events.

    Important Dates
    January 8 – Promotion begins
    January 15 – Celebration direct mail piece hits homes
    January 16 - March 13 – A Celebration of Latina/o Artists
    January 16 - February 21 – Another Word for Beauty
    February 6 - March 13 – 2666

    Please feel free to use the below boilerplate copy to refer to the Celebration.


    A Celebration of Latina/o Artists:

    In conjunction with the upcoming premiere productions of José Rivera’s Another Word for Beauty and Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 (adapted for the stage by Robert Falls and Seth Bockley), Goodman Theatre will present an in-depth look at the remarkable range of contemporary Latina and Latino writers working in theater with A Celebration of Latina/o Artists. Working in tandem with some of Chicago’s outstanding smaller theater companies, the Goodman will present free staged readings and panel discussions that highlight the extraordinary careers and influential writings of Rivera and María Irene Fornés, two of America’s most accomplished writers for the stage. Additional programs in the celebration will focus on the extraordinary poetry of Bolaño, Gabriel García Márquez and other seminal writers. The celebration will take place January 16 through March 13 at Goodman Theatre, Northwestern University and other Chicago locations. 


    Download the PDF below for full copy and information about specific events and readings.

    Descriptions of the Special Events and Staged Readings PDF


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