New Stages Amplified


October 13 – November 20, 2011 In the Owen
Approximate running time: 2 hours

The 2011/2012 Owen subscription season starts with something entirely new: New Stages Amplified. Building on the success of our long running new play festival, New Stages, this special event—perfect for anyone who loves new plays and insider access—offers audiences the chance to experience never-before-seen work from rising-star playwrights in a setting where the play is fully produced, but not elaborately staged; professional and polished, but still open to your insights and observations.

Patrons are invited to stay after the show and talk directly with the artists about their artistic process.

New Stages Amplified

  • Oct 2011
    Dartmoor Prison Learn More

    Dartmoor Prison

    Carlyle Brown's riveting new play takes us to Britain's most notorious holding pen for prisoners of war and domestic criminals during the War of 1812.

  • Oct - Nov 2011
    Chicago Boys Learn More

    Chicago Boys

    Set in the 1970s in Chicago and Santiago, Chile, this new play tells the story of Joe, a young American economist and protégé of legendary University of Chicago professor Milton Friedman, who travels to Chile to promote free-market economics.

  • Nov 2011
    Ask Aunt Susan Learn More

    Ask Aunt Susan

    In this wry new comedy from playwright Seth Bockley, a 20-something man moonlights as Aunt Susan, an online guru offering advice to women on everything from boyfriends to back problems.

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